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New year, new stories

Collected a bunch of new stories this year so far. Noodle Mania doodling & storytelling parties are going to happen every-other-month this year. If you have a story or want to make art, let’s connect. Here are some illustrations Todd Berman (The Art Don’t Stop) created this week during a recent recording session. Thanks Todd!corrine-story tom-and-doughnut

Issue #5 is alive!

Another print issues of Noodle Mania exists. I haven’t quite gotten around to putting the zines out in the world in a reasonable way. Up to this point, I just give them out to anyone who wants one. If you have a distribution plan and want to help me push the issues, hit me up! If not, then find me at a zinefest or attend a Noodle Mania art party and you can get yours the old fashioned way

Noodle Mania at Megapolis Festival: the art of sound


Join me on Saturday, June 6th, for the first-ever public Noodle Mania workshop! The Megapolis Festival provides a forum for artists, educators, radio producers, musicians, and fans to share the secrets of producing and presenting innovative audio works online, on­air, and on the stage. With performances, installations, interactive workshops, tours and more, the festival provides to experience inventive experiments in sound­making. Megapolis 2015 will feature over 40 international, national, and local artists including documentarians, technologists, musicians, educators, urban planners, scientists, and radio producers. See you there!

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